10 Tips for – How to deal with nagging parents

angry girlHow do you deal with nagging parents when you just want to be left alone? They’re asking you to make decisions about stuff -food, trips, clothes etc. and you really don’t care, you’ve other things going on inside you’re head which you don’t want to be interrupted.
But it doesn’t seem to matter to them because they just keep wittering on regardless and it’s like their batteries never run out.

Ok, so you know what I’m on about. Well here’s a few tips for stopping their relentless nagging:

1.    Make eye contact with them
2.    Stretch the palms of your hands and your finger tips to relax yourself
3.    Use their name (Mum, Dad)
4.    Slow down the pace by talking slowly and firmly
5.    End your sentences on a low note this way they’ll take what you’re saying more seriously
6.    Start by acknowledging any valid points they make e.g. ‘I accept that I haven’t yet made a decision about coming with you or not      tomorrow’
7.    Listen and show that you’re prepared to listen e.g. ‘Mmmmmm, I see’
8.    Say ‘no’ repectfully to stop the relentless nagging. (You can always change your mind at the last minute).
e.g. ‘I understand you’d prefer it if I went with you to XYZ
No on this occasion I’d prefer to stay at home because I want to get my school work finished
Next time you go to see them let me know and if I haven’t got so much homework I’ll join you’
9.    This will usually stop the nagging, but if they continue use the ‘Verbal Handshake’ in order to get them to acknowledge and accept your position e.g.
‘I realise you want me to come with you
Do you accept that I’ve work to do that needs to be finished this weekend?’
10.    Once you notice them lowering their shoulders and sighing in acceptance say ‘thanks for understanding Mun/Dad’

You’ve got a result – they’re off your back, you now know how to deal with nagging parents.

photo credit: Loving Earth via photopin cc

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