4 Steps To Get A Pay Rise

small_6829409437Do you lack confidence to seek a pay rise?

A recent YouGov survey found that 76% of women and 66% of men had never raised the subject of more money with their boss.
If you felt you deserved a promotion or pay rise at work, would you ask for it?

A few things to note about pay and salary increases before we go any further:
There’s no shame in realising your worth,
– Focus on your value to your employer
– Good talent is hard to replace

In order to be confident and assertive when you’re asking for a pay rise  – follow these 4 Steps

Step 1. Decide what outcome you want?
Step 2. What Beliefs will underpin your assertion?
Step 3. What are your  Rights ?
Step 4. What do you need to ‘say’ to yourself

Step 1
– Do your homework, find out what the market value is for your kind of job
– Remain flexible and be prepared to consider other options i.e. a bonus
Step 2
The following Beliefs will underpin and support your behaviour in asking for a Pay Rise. Choose the one that resonates most with you and write it down.
‘I am a valuable asset to any organisation and my value can be reflected in my salary’
‘I can be honest about my achievements without boasting’
‘I can make things happen rather than wait for them to happen’
‘When I stand up for myself with integrity I gain more respect from others’
Step 3
The following list of Rights will provide you with the confidence you need when asking for a pay rise:
‘I have the right to be rewarded appropriately’
‘I have the right to be listened to and taken seriously’
‘I have the right to ask for feedback on my performance’
‘I have the right to a decision on something that effects me’
Step 4

Here are some of the things you need to say to yourself in order to programme yourself for an effective discussion. Select one that you can repeat as a mantra to help you have control of your behaviour

‘I can explain that I’m looking for a fair pay package and a ‘win:win’ in respect of business needs’
‘I can ask if they acknowledge the contribution I’ve made to the business’
‘I can have other remuneration ‘ideas’ ready to discuss if my first request is refused’
‘I can ask them what else they want from me in order to consider a pay rise’

Are you now ready to give yourself permission to get a pay rise?
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