About Conrad

conranConrad Potts has been a keynote speaker, consultant and management trainer for over 30 years.

He is a psychologist and is particularly well known for his one to one coaching at senior level and building world class teams.

Conrad says, ‘my most exciting, illuminating and formative period came from my six years working with the UN in Fiji setting up a regional psychological testing centre and management college – I learned as an “expert” I had more to learn than give and that keeping an open and inquisitive mind led me to the best of human journeys’.

Conrad’s diversity and eclectic approach may well come from his varied back-ground, i.e. training to be a missionary priest to having parents and grandparents who were English, German and Indian.

Born in India he has travelled and worked in the UK, Europe and the South Pacific.

In a coaching context he uses a variety and combination of coaching models and approaches, including psychological profiling such as Myers Briggs, Firo-B, The Enneagram and 360 feedback, Appreciative Inquiry and huge doses of good old common sense.

Conrad has appeared in a number of training videos associated with leadership. He has also appeared on both the BBC and ITV as an ‘executive coach’ a ‘residential psychologist’ and a ‘regular counsellor’.

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