About Suzanne

suzannepSuzanne is a motivational speaker and an expert in assertiveness.

Her keynote speaking for industry conferences, corporate events and charity forums is dynamic, thought provoking, and encourages audience participation
at many levels.

Her passion for spreading assertiveness skills into cultures, industries and countries has taken her to the war torn territories of the former Yugoslavia, the military culture of Pakistan, Belarus and other communist style Republics. Audiences throughout the world have benefited from Suzanne’s expertise.

She began her career in sales and distribution managing diverse sales teams across many continents and cultures. By the mid 80’s working for
Xerox she achieved the most senior sales operational post for a woman.

More recently, following the Lord Davies report on the lack of women executives in the boardroom, Suzanne has contributed on many forums to help increase the profile of women and works with women of all backgrounds and faith to create a more equal society.

Her message is ‘You don’t have to be pushy to get what you want. There are simple ways to assert yourself that will make you happier and healthier’.

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So are you ready to make a change and become more assertive?

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