FREE life changing videos on Assertion

small_4259107574FREE life changing videos on Assertion.
Many of us at this time of the year will be climbing onto planes, strapping ourselves into cars ready to enjoy 1 or 2 weeks respite from the hurly burly of domestic and work life. We’ll be on holiday and find ourselves on the beach, in the city or in the countryside reflecting on a years hard toil and setting our minds for new challenges to come, a change in how we live our lives and a beckoning future.

Watch our FREE life changing videos on assertion and learn how to get a pay rise, secure the job you want, get respect from others, handle aggression and much, much more.
There are simple ways to assert yourself that will make you happier, healthier and more successful.
Assertiveness is about seeing the other person’s viewpoint and being prepared to listen. The more flexible you are, the more choices you have about how you relate to others, and the more opportunities you have to resolve conflicts.
Packed with practical tools and techniques for dealing with a whole host of situations in work and life, you will learn how to;

  • Get the respect you deserve at work, deal with your boss and say ‘no’
  • Get the best out of people you work with
  • Handle difficult behaviour and cope with conflict
  • Be self-assured in meetings and presentations
  • Deal with family, friends and neighbours, and challenging social occasions
  • Get the service you deserve from retailers, trades people and public services
  • Sustain your assertiveness and maintain your wellbeing and balance

Don’t be a push over – learn how to make your voice heard and deal with any tricky situation with self-assurance and confidence by watching our FREE life changing videos on Assertion.
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