Tips For Getting Respect From Colleagues


Getting respect from colleagues has an enormous effect on your enjoyment, motivation and career progression.

Working with your fellow employees allows you to experience a full range of emotions, attitudes and ways of working.

Some are a natural fit

There are those fellow employees who are a natural fit, you get along well with, are on the same wavelength as you, communication is effortless and mutual respect is strong. Support and help is easily reciprocated.

Some are not so easy to get on with

That may not be so with everyone and there may be a few fellow colleagues who you find it difficult to engage with, who don’t share your view point and who you feel do not only not pull their weight but are unpleasant to work with and even obstructive.

You could turn to your manager, team leader, supervisor or whatever for help, but that seems like telling tales out of school or abdicating responsibility for sorting it out for yourself.
Saying to yourself that you might ‘sort it’ is easy but actually doing it is a lot more difficult or so you think.

Fears and emotions may get in the way

You think about the challenge to come and you anticipate the worst. You fear you will somehow get hurt, the other person will lose their temper, become nasty towards you, the challenge will sour the working atmosphere and the relationship will further deteriorate?

To handle these situations assertively here are some tips to help:

  • Take problems on early and when they are relatively small
  • Discuss issues as soon as they arise
  • Make your position clear and don’t blame the other person
  • Remain objective and home in on the behaviours that are unhelpful/unproductive/damaging.
  • State their effect on you and others
  • Suggest a solution or remedy if something has gone wrong and if you don’t have a solution, you can always ask and negotiate with the other person, what you both can come up with jointly to resolve the problem.
  • Always do what you say you are going to do.

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