Handling Aggression (from others)

small_4427515943Handling aggression is never easy. As one of our client’s, Michael said, “It’s unpleasant, unnerving and frightening – I felt cold as if life had been sucked out of me- I wanted to run away and hide – I felt sick in the pit of my stomach. I wanted a hole to appear and me to disappear in it and never work with that person again”
Effects of aggression on you
If you are the one being aggressive you may find short term reward in a reduction of tension and getting your needs met. You may feel a sense of power which reinforces your belief that this is the way to can get things done. Longer term, however you may feel guilt or shame for your behaviour, blame others for forcing you to be that way or you may apologise profusely or become over-helpful.
Effects of aggression on others
Actually some may admire you for your toughness and strength – as long as they are not at the other end of your tongue or aggressive behaviour. Or most likely most people will feel anger hurt or humiliation, they may retaliate openly or go underground and look for opportunities in the future for ‘pay back’ time, they will take fewer initiatives or become resigned to you and eventually leave you isolated.
We’d rather walk away
Most of us would rather walk away and be silent than handle aggressive situations and yet there are times when we are called on to do just that. We have little experience of how to handle it and no knowledge of what to do.
Take charge
In our latest set of videos we give you the knowledge, behavioural and emotional skills and show you how to handle aggressive situations at work so that you maintain your self-respect, prevent similar situations from happening again and still work for a win: win result.
In Michael’s words, “It’s not about matching aggression with aggression or giving in but about believing in yourself, staying calm and applying the 4P model to resolve aggressive behaviour and maintain your self-respect”.
To learn more about the 4p model and how to handle aggression go to www.howtobeassertive.com

photo credit: Andrew Senay via photopin cc

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