How do you manage your time effectively and start doing those ‘difficult tasks’?

Effective time Management – a state of mind NOT a set of techniques

Time management techniques may help you get organised but whether you translate these ideas into action depends more on your state of mind and how well you understand yourself and what drives your behaviour.

Fundamentally, if we repeat any behaviour more than once it is because we derive a benefit that is important to us in some way. In these simplest of terms although attracted by fire as a youth I no longer in awe try to garnish the flame in my hands – it burns, it hurts – I get no benefit.

There is a conflict between heart and mind

you may find you are happier doing tasks that you find pleasant enjoyable and fun yet seem to come up with a hundred and one excuses to avoid jobs that may be important but don’t tick our fun box.

There seems to be a difference between your intention and your actions. Sometimes you may have had every intention to do something but find yourself putting it off. We seem to be in conflict with different parts of ourself – when we had in our mind we had intended to do and what our heart actually delivered

You could imagine that your mind is your adult, more serious, rational part of you which is prepared to plan, organise, and forgo pleasure now for some later accomplishment or satisfaction.

Our heart on the other hand is that playful spontaneous part of you which wants to resist unpleasantness, and will avoid what it sees as threats to its fun times.

We need both our mind and our heart to work together or when it’s appropriate for one of them to have the “upper hand” in some circumstances.

However, if you may run your days on the basis of your heart – bouncing from one thing to another, constantly fire fighting, unable to concentrate for any serious length of time then you will find it easy to procrastinate, stop fulfilling your potential and disrupt your life.

Generally, you procrastinate when you fail to focus on the things that are important now in favour of doing something that is more enjoyable or that you’re more comfortable doing.

What seems important is that you find a way to get both your left and Right and your mind on the same side cooperating and working with each other.

Since the heart is more co

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