How To Get A Pay Rise!

We’ve put together an exciting series of training videos which show you exactly how to become more valuable to your employer, which in turn will ensure you get a payrise when that time comes around.

A confident, assertive (yet well respected) employee will climb the career ladder faster than a doormat ever will.

Each of the following videos contains a number of tips and tools that you can use to create the best outcome – immediately – for yourself and your colleagues.  This will instantly bring you to the attention of your bosses, make you indispensible and most likely result in the maximum pay rise for your role.

Invest in these dynamic videos individually – or get access to the entire set for a special price – more info at the bottom of this page.

Handling Aggression at Work

AggressionDiscover the simple strategy to stop aggression from others, both now and in the future. Just $7

Asking for a Pay Rise

Asking for a Pay RiseFind out how to promote your achievements and ask for what you deserve from your boss. Just $7

Successful Job Interviews

Job Interviews_smallFind out how to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to secure that job you want. Just $7

Presentations to be Proud of

Presentations_smallCreate presentations that you can be proud of and that puts your message across effectively. Just $7

Handling Difficult Situations with Customers

Difficult-Situations_smallUse our strategy for developing a customer relationship based on principles of win:win. Just $7

How to be Assertive with Your Boss

Be AssertiveGet the keys to create a more productive and trustful relationship with your boss so that everyone wins. Just $7

How to Get Respect from Your Colleagues

Getting RespectDiscover the specific behaviours and verbal tools to build your confidence in managing relationships. Just $7

Become More Confident & Influential In Meetings

Meetings_smallGet access to our useful strategy to get your views and ideas heard in a meeting environment. Just $7

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