Job Interview Tips

interviewToday we’re providing Job Interview Tips to apply at an interview.
Below is a list of verbal and non-verbal tips to help you perform well.
Verbal Tips
Before the formal part of the Interview begins, ask 3 closed questions to break the ice and encourage an  atmosphere of agreement
i.e. cold/warm today isn’t it?
noisy/quiet in here isn’t it?
peaceful/vibrant location isn’t it?
Test Understanding to clarify what’s being asked i.e “When you asked about my last experience, what specifically were you interested in?”
Ask open questions to find out more information “I’m curious to find out why the bonus is structured in that way?”
When describing your achievements place emphasis on the verbs i.e.
“I delivered a return of …’’ “I rebuilt the whole sector..”
Place emphasis on your measurable achievements i.e. “I increased revenue by 50% within 12 months”, “I reduced customer complaints by 95% over 2 years”
Signal if you want to refer back to something, delve deeper or add more i.e “Can I just revisit what you said earlier about…”
Give examples to support your point of view e.g. when asked about your strengths i.e. “In my last job I was able to withstand the pressure when we were threatened with closure by…..”
Show how your weaknesses have helped you develop, give examples
i.e.  “So from that experience I Learnt how not to make a assumptions about the future again”
Negotiate a win:win remuneration package by identifying your minimum salary requirement, what your skills are worth in the current market and your dream salary package (within the bounds of reality)
If you disagree on something say “I feel differently in that I believe….”
instead of the words “I disagree”

Non Verbal Tips
Smile when greeting the other person
Make eye contact with them
Use the person’s name
Sit in an ‘earthed’ position i.e. both feet firmly on the ground
Keep your gestures open and waist height
When asking a question maintain an upright sitting position
When answering a question take your time, nod thoughtfully before you respond
Keep a relaxed facial expression
End your sentences in a lower tone of voice to add gravitas
Breath deeply and slowly

Choose 2 or 3 Job Interview  Tips from this list that you believe will work for you.
Write them down and place them where they’ll be a continual reminder for you.
Good luck!

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