Should Little Girls Be Taught To Be Assertive?

small_2866159873Has the time come to teach little girls to be assertive? If so what stops us?

Isn’t there enough evidence to support the argument that not only  should we take them to ballet lessons but self defence classes too?

It’s not about ‘either/or’ it’s about ‘and’. We can allow them to follow the feminine norms when it’s appropriate and we can allow them to be strong and stand their ground when they need to.

Perhaps the only thing that stops us is our reluctance to change our attitude towards how we bring them up?

Suppose we did decide to encourage them to take more of a stand against aggression and resist bullying, have the courage to speak up and state their views when they want to be heard, give themselves permission to be treated equally and with respect. What impact would this have on society?

Ok,  if you believe there are enough reasons to – here are three simple steps you can take;

Step OneGive yourself permision to i.e.

‘I have the right to develop my daughters life skills’

Step Two – Repeat this mantra to yourself:

‘I am responsible for teaching my daughter to reach her full potential’

Step Three – Recognise the Win:Win in doing so:

‘My daughter can grow up to be independent and better prepared for life: I can take some credit for that’

So the foundation is laid, you can play a huge part in your daughters future if you have the courage to give her the start she deserves and allow her to learn how to be assertive.
photo credit: Emery Co Photo via photopin cc

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