Have I The Right To Say This?

small_2584018892There will have been times in your life when you will have asked yourself “Have I the right to say this? Do I have permission to do this? Am I justified in asking for this?
Equally at times you may have thought, “This person has no right to do that or treat me in this way!”

   ‘Rights’ are central to behaving assertively
    A Right is something to which you are justly entitled
    Rights are the key to living your life in an assertive way.
When you accept Rights for yourself and also give them to others, your behaviour is likely to be in balance, assertive and in the spirit of win- win.

Rights and Responsibilities
Rights are like picking up a stick. When you pick up a stick you pick up both ends. Similarly when you pick up a Right you also pick up a Responsibility.
For instance, if you claim the Right to be human and make mistakes you need to accept the responsibilities that are attached to it i.e  not repeat the same mistake again and to ask for help if you don’t know how to correct it.
From the Rights listed below  acknowledge those you seldom give yourself :

    I have the right to say yes or no, without feeling guilty    
    I have the right to state my own needs and set my own priorities     
    I have the right to be treated with respect as an intelligent, capable and equal human being    
    I have the right to express my own feelings and opinions even if they are different from those of others    
    I have the right to make mistakes and be responsible for them
    I have the right to decline responsibility for other people’s problems.    
    I have the right to deal with others without being dependent on them for approval   

When you reflect on past situations that haven’t worked out the way you wanted, you’ll probably find that this list provides you with clues as to why they didn’t.
Rights are one of the fundamental building blocks of your personal power base. Remember nobody can take your dignity or your Rights away unless you give them away.

photo credit: juanluisgx via photopin cc

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