Book Testimonials

brenda“If you are not an assertive person, this book will help you. It is a down-to-earth, practical and eminently sensible guide to achieving successful interactions with all the people in your life – inside and outside the workplace.”

Professor Brenda Gourley, former Vice Chancellor and CEO of The Open University.

simon“Written in a down-to-earth and pragmatic style, this book shows that asserting yourself in the right way will lead to a happier, more satisfying and healthy life and bring profound rewards at work and home – a great read!”

Simon Cooper, Director of Organisation Effectiveness at Informatica Corporation and author of Brilliant Leader

donna“We all sometimes hit low points in our lives and careers. I loved this book as it was brilliant at reminding me of the importance to prepare and practice for those challenging situations that we face at work and at home.”

Donna Kinnair DBE, Chief Nurse NHS Southeast London

david“Whether at home, at work, at rest or at play, being assertive can be the difference between getting what you want and failing to meet your own standards. This book shows how to be yourself and improve your life by saying what needs to be said.”

David Holdgate, CEO Satellite Information Services

gary“Getting the right balance of assertiveness is critical, especially in your career – this book is an empowering, practical guide in how to achieve this.”

Gary Bullard, CEO Logica (UK)

john“There can’t be a single person who hasn’t, at one time or another, wondered exactly how to ensure that they remain true to themselves while dealing with the daily stresses and strains of business and personal life.

In this book, Conrad and Suzanne bring their wisdom, experience and unique viewpoints to bear on one of the most challenging areas of human interaction.

I have been fortunate in having Conrad’s help and guidance for close to 15 years and it is a delight to see that he and Suzanne have made this most tricky of challenges the subject of their book.”

John Varney, CEO Maximum Clarity

stella“A practical and down to earth guide showing you how to be more assertive; it will help you, friends, family and colleagues communicate better and get more from life.”

Stella Collins, MD, Stellar Learning & founder of ‘The Brain Friendly Learning Group’

kevin“Assertiveness provides open, honest and practical solutions to help you communicate your ideas clearly and get what you want when it really matters.”

Kevin Davidson, CEO Maxwell Drummond International

simonv“This book is an empowering, practical guide to transforming your life by becoming more assertive.”

Simon Vyvyan, CEO Industry Media ltd

clive“Read this book and you can pull even the hardest people into line. As a manager, you need your team to be on board with you and deliver projects – this book will put you on the path to project success.”

Clive Davies, Project Manager, Engineering – Metadata

“The perfect read for anyone who wants to be more assertive in any area of their life.”

Ann Craven, Director Supply Chain – Invensys

“This book shares a wealth of sound practical advice to help you be more assertive, effective and in control of your life.”

Sally Morris, Housing Manager Littlehampton & Rustington Housing Society

Training Testimonials

louise“The upbeat delivery of Suzanne’s messages always succeeds in connecting with our people.”

Louise Court, Head of HR Amnesty International

gloria“Working with Conrad was very stimulating because he offers sound practical advice that people can relate to and adopt.”

Gloria Hunniford, presenter ‘Sunday Live’

remi“Your 1:1 coaching sessions always delivered the results we hoped for particularly when people have felt most challenged and under pressure.”

Remi Abayomi Managing Director Lightwell Media Ltd

asiantestimonial“For the first time in my life I’m able to say ‘No’ – I’ve never done this before. It’s wonderful to feel in control at last and I’m also getting much better at managing my time.”

Marilyn Wu Jen Jen

debbie“As an Exec Producer at Granada some ten years ago, I did the famous Conrad Potts course (as we knew it) and it had a huge influence on me both professionally and personally. As the head of a Channel at the time and responsible for 60 young trainees, it was so useful that I went on to win a National Training Award from industry. Ten years on and I’m still influenced.”

Debbie Pollit, Executive Producer

“Some 15 years ago I worked for TNT Express in Atherstone. I sat on a course with you in some salesman style motorway hotel by the M69. You made sense to me and inspired me to think better. After a while I left TNT, went to university for the first time and retrained as a teacher for 6th form. I have never been happier.”

Adam Fowler

“I would just like to say thank you for yesterday, Sean and I both enjoyed it and we really did get a lot out of the day. We are already planning how to put in use what we learnt yesterday and we would definitely recommend your course to everyone.”

Sharon Sutherland, Deputy Manager – ANA Treatment Centres

“Attending this training has given me the confidence to deal with difficult situations professionally. I will definitely be able to put into practice the strategies learnt about reading body language to gauge people’s feelings, and how to remain calm when put under pressure.”

Sarah Goldsmith, Training Co-ordinator – Early Years Childcare

“Thank you so much for your time this morning. I knew I was not doing it right but could not put my finger on why. Having someone who knows what they are talking about and who takes the time and trouble to understand what you do, and then leads you to where you need to be, is such a huge benefit. I am very grateful.”

Dealtry, MD, LoneWorking Ltd

“My team, which has grown in size significantly over the last year, and so includes several people who were pretty new to their colleagues, enjoyed a fantastic away-day last week facilitated by Conrad and his team. The programme was a good balance of the thoughtful and the pretty challenging in terms of activity – and I think we found out some pretty important things about the energy of the group, how we function individually and collectively, and how much more support we can offer each other in the workplace when we know more about our strengths.

This was a very worthwhile investment for a very busy team – already there are strong clamour to repeat, and to hold more frequently! Huge thanks to Conrad and Tim for their expert and amiable design and execution of the day.”

Jim Smellie, DEFRA

“We have recently delivered ‘developing others workshops’ to all our managers within the manufacturing team, from senior manager to first line manager – a total of 30 people. We received extremely positive feedback from all the delegates.

Many of them have since told me they are now using some of the tools and learning on a daily basis. Conrad’s approach is supportive but at the same time challenged the delegates to think differently. I would strongly recommend Conrad as a trainer and we look forward to inviting him to deliver further training for us in the future.”

Helen Sheriff, HR Manager Kates Cakes

“Having worked with Suzanne I’m not afraid of saying what I think anymore and the amazing thing is I’m getting more respect.”

Natasha Smith, Designer

“Refreshingly for a training consultancy you made every effort to understand our organisational imperatives and training needs. You have delivered a variety of inter-personal programmes for our non-academic staff that have helped us close the gaps. The feedback has been excellent.”

Chris Gosling, London Business School

“Thanks for this, and the whole two days, I turned up for work this morning with a renewed spring in my step (seriously).”

Bonner Raymond

“I practised the presentation aloud and knew exactly what I was going to say about each slide – I also made sure I knew what my last ‘punch line’ was per slide. Having the structure in place, both on PowerPoint and verbally, meant that I felt confident was a lot less nervous than I would have been otherwise. When tendering for a very important contract, you helped us create an excellent and professional presentation which we felt confident to deliver. I am looking forward to another opportunity to work with you.”

Carmen – SITS

“Suzanne engaged our international audience with her energy and passion; they loved her and wanted more.”

Pia Hardy, Principle Boston Consulting Group Finland

“Over the last 3 months I have seen a marked improvement in teamwork and less selfishness , they are all willing to stay and help one another. Tim especially has grown and has taken on more responsibility without being asked which is terrific, with his improvement I have managed to persuade our MD to increase his salary. Thanks Suzanne.”

David Johnson, Production Controller Kontron UK Limited

“Since benefiting from Conrad’s exceptional perceptiveness and training skills, I have moved from business management into teaching, and have frequently found the skills and techniques he imparted at least as useful as those gained from one of the best teacher training universities in England.”

Tony Seaton

“There was, you will be pleased to hear, much discussion on Friday between the delegates – each one highly praising the content and techniques of our training day. I am also pleased to report that the directors of the company were very interested to know more about the subject matter and were genuinely impressed by the positive feedback given by all the delegates.

The wide variety of teaching methods you chose to use during the day ensured you maintained our full, very willing attention and of course, very succinctly demonstrated exactly how “it” should be done!

Encompassing many life skills along the way I know I speak for all the delegates in saying this was an extremely useful, interesting and enjoyable day; I am confident the company will benefit from the techniques we have learnt.”

Elaine GEOGHAN, Hi-Level Mezzanines Ltd