The Book – It’s Time To Put Your Foot Down!

bookYou don’t have to be pushy to get what you want. There are simple ways to assert yourself that will make you happier, healthier and more successful.

Assertiveness is about seeing the other person’s viewpoint and being prepared to listen.

The more flexible you are, the more choices you have about how you relate to others, and the more opportunities you have to resolve conflicts.

Packed with practical tools and techniques for dealing with a whole host of situations in work and life, you will learn how to:

  • Get the respect you deserve at work, deal with your boss and say ‘no’
  • Get the best out of the people you work with
  • Handle difficult behaviour and cope with conflict
  • Be self-assured in meetings and presentations
  • Deal with family, friends and neighbours, and challenging social occasions
  • Get the service you deserve from retailers, tradespeople and public services
  • Sustain your assertiveness and maintain your wellbeing and balance

Don’t be a push over – learn how to make your voice heard and deal with tricky situation with self-confidence and confidence

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Just what it says
By Supertzar
This is a great book. Whether you’re aggressive, passive or even mildly assertive, it’s always good to check-in your approach to conflict and tricky situations, if only to log just how much you end up losing out trying to people-please.

The exercises are really good, the text is clear and precise and I think it does help you, if only in realising how much you’re not giving and not getting in return.

Great instruction by real-world example
By R. West-Soley
What’s great about this book is the very clear distinction it makes from the outset between real, positive and assertive behaviour, with agressive ways of speaking and behaving. The line is so easy to cross, and so any book of this nature has to tread carefully. This edition does a brilliant and careful job of it. The comparison to make between assertiveness and passive-agression is an easier one to deal with, but likewise, the book does an excellent job of demonstrating and teaching assertiveness through contrasting, real-world examples of both these negative modes of conduct and attitude.

The examples are drawn from all walks of life – not only the usual workplace scenarios you’ll get in books like this, but assertiveness when dealing with friends, family and beyond. If you’re having trouble standing your ground, feel you’re being taken for granted by others and find it hard to say no to unreasonable requests, then they’re dealt with thoroughly for all kinds of situations.

The instruction is clear, the examples credible and instantly applicable to everyday life, and you’ll get reinforcement in the form of mini-exercises throughout the book. A practical and helpful guide, particularly if you’re coming at it from a rather passive natural state (as I was!) – and it’s nice and concise, a quick read which gets straight into the nitty-gritty.

Excellent Read Into Assertiveness
By DL Productions
It can be difficult to know when you’re being assertive or not can’t it? I know this myself, and that is why I chose to read this book: so I know what I am doing the next time I need to negotiate, or make my point heard.

At times I was slightly getting annoyed when I was losing arguments with people, and this was in itself annoying; but after reading Conrad and Suzanne’s book, things were clearer. There are exercises where you test out what you’ve saturated from the book, and see how you get on. You can even keep a log of what you’ve done.

Some of the sections in here are invaluable; like the win-win scenario. This is where both parties don’t feel like they’re losing out. There is also a great part on communicating assertively, so you can make your point heard rather than looking like a mad man or woman. There are also sections on how to gain respect at work, from others and get the best out of others. This is going to be invaluable if I ever make management material.

I think the key to this book getting five stars for me is the sections on family, friends and neighbours. At times I have had trouble with all these categories for one reason or another, so it is nice to find a decent write up on what you can do to make both parties win, or just feel not too bad for losing. There’s also a lot on dealing with conflict, which surprisingly a lot of people cannot do, or simply avoid. This might be due to issues in the past where they’ve been enthralled by conflict.

This book is good, it’s not claiming to be an ultimate book of assertiveness and speaks to you in a very professional tone. The text is not too challenging either, so it is easy to understand. The examples are quite realistic and helpful, keeping it basic so you can follow the issues raised. There are no confusing diagrams and the exercises are not too hard to follow. Finally, a book that can really be easily followed and not drawn down with jargon and psycho bable, this can be read by anyone from all walks of life.

Well recommended – a good read for anyone.