Top 10 reasons why candidates don’t get the job

medium_4294686346They say it takes less than 45 seconds to make a good first impression for having a successful Job Interview.
What is a job Interview really about?

Typically a sales meeting between two parties, one with little concept of what they are selling and the other an unclear idea of what they need to buy.
We do ourselves a disservice
We can do ourselves a great at disservice at interviews because we can give the impression we have only turned up to get a job.  Our minds are solely focused on what for us is a big problem: we don’t have a job and boy do we need one – bad!
The greater our need the more ‘needy’ we are in the way come across. Job winners give the impression they are pleased to be at the interview and would have turned up even if they still had a job.

Different Agendas

Problems arise at an interview because each party is working to a different agenda. The employer is seeking to find someone to fill a particular role – not always clearly defined – while the prospective employee is looking to find a job.
A job is no more than a means of fulfilling a need profitably, and the relationship at interview between employer and potential employee is no more than a buyer/seller relationship.
We may use the word Interview but let us see it for what it really is – a sales meeting – where you the seller, are seeking to convince the buyer to hire your services.
The buyer has the problem – you are the solution.
When you focus on the buyers need and show how you can fulfill it, you’ll get hired.
Peninsula, the UK’s largest employment law firm, recently conducted a survey amongst its clients regarding their interview experiences. Bosses across the UK were asked to name the one aspect of interview behaviour they disliked most.
The results were as follows, compiled to form the Top 10 reasons why candidates don’t get the job:

  • 26% disliked improper dress for an interview above all
  • 19% cited lateness as their greatest frustration. The survey revealed that ‘1 in 7’ candidates arrive late for an interview
  • 15% of interviewers take the greatest dislike to a disproportionate interest in salary
  • 11% primarily dislike candidates that are cynical about colleagues past or future
  • 9% rate a poor handshake as the beginning of the end
  • 7% were primarily unimpressed by a lack of clear goals and career ambition
  • 5% said that lack of eye contact was their pet hate
  • 4% said that failure to research into the company and its business structure is the biggest mistake
  • 3% cited mumbling as the top reason to discard a candidate
  • The final 1% dislike the know-it-all candidate and agree that every candidate has something to learn

However it’s vital that you approach the interview with the right mindset and a self belief in what you can offer. You are there to provide a solution not another problem in the making.
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