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Assertiveness Workshops for your organization

training-pictureHelp your staff learn how to overcome challenges in the workplace with confidence

No matter how successful we are, we all face stressful and hard to handle challenges in daily life. If we want to be happy, healthy and respected at work, we need to develop our assertiveness skills, make our voices heard and approach people with confidence and self-assurance.

Our one day workshops provide a roadmap to help you navigate your way through challenges and hurdles in the work place. Packed with practical tips, our programme will give you the tools to build your self-esteem and become happier and healthier, and more effective in all areas of your life.

You will learn how to:

  • Influence people so that both parties win
  • Get the respect you deserve at work
  • Make your voice heard and deal with tricky situations with self-assurance and confidence
  • Learn how to say ‘No’ in order to negotiate more effectively
  • Get the cooperation you deserve from others
  • Be valued for who you are

What The Delegates Say!

‘For the first time in my life I’m able to say ‘No’ – I’ve never done this before, it’s wonderful to feel in control at last and I’m also becoming much better at managing my time’ 

Hannah Ridley, Sales Consultant

‘I turned our next meeting with a very demanding client into one where we won a huge tender’

Terry Galvin, Sales Director

‘A month later I got a promotion – I can’t believe it. I simply put my case forward, nobody had realised what I wanted!’ 

Annie Ward, Head of Learning & Development

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Speaking Events

or why not book us to speak at one of your company events?  We’ll entertain and inform a large audience in the art of being assertive.

Watch Suzanne in action here

Audiences will learn:

  • How to be assertive and still keep relationships intact
  • How your body language influences others
  • How to sustain your assertion and maintain your well being and balance

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To book Conrad or Suzanne to speak for YOUR organisation call 44 (0) 1903 778977 or email howtobeassertive [at] to discuss speaking fees

One To One Coaching

Equally there may be a period in your life when you or others could benefit from some One To One coaching from an expert.  Please make contact and have a chat and we can customise a coaching programme that fits your budget and your timeframe.

What The Delegates Say!

‘I’m going to exceed my annual target all because I’ve started to give myself the right to ask for more business’ 

Steve Hall, Account Manager  

I can now be firm and fair as opposed to either being too aggressive or just giving in’   

Oliver Lewis, Volunteer worker

‘I can now stand my ground when people are aggressive – it’s a wonderful feeling to have that control’  

Stephen Garrett, Training Consultant

‘2 weeks following the workshop I got a pay rise of £2k!’

Laura Warren, Corporate Communications Manager

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To book Conrad or Suzanne to speak for YOUR organisation call 44 (0) 1903 778977 or email howtobeassertive [at] to discuss speaking fees