1. How to be Assertive Video Series

aboutWe’ve put together an exciting series of seven training videos where you will learn simple ways to assert yourself, make you happier, healthier and more successful.

The How To Be Assertive Video Series is packed with practical tools and techniques for dealing with a whole host of situations in life. Watching these videos you will learn how to:

  • Restore your self esteem
  • Be valued for who you are
  • Command the respect you deserve
  • Say ‘no’ when you have a right to do so
  • Have your opinions & ideas respected and heard
  • Stand up for yourself
  • Handle difficult situations calmly and successfully

You’ll be able to deal with family, friends, neighbours, and challenging social occasions.
Get the service you deserve from retailers, trades people and public services.

2. Assertiveness at Work Video Series

We’ve also put together a series of eight videos which show you exactly how to become more respected and successful at work. A confident, assertive (yet well respected) employee will climb the career ladder faster than a doormat ever will.

The Assertiveness at Work Video Series contains a number of tips and tools that you can use to create the best outcome – immediately – for yourself, your staff, your colleagues and your customers.

Handling Aggression at Work

AggressionDiscover the simple strategy to stop aggression from others, both now and in the future. 

Asking for a Pay Rise

Asking for a Pay RiseFind out how to promote your achievements and ask for what you deserve from your boss. 

Successful Job Interviews

Job Interviews_smallFind out how to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to secure that job you want. 

Presentations to be Proud of

Presentations_smallCreate presentations that you can be proud of and that puts your message across effectively.

Handling Difficult Situations with Customers

Difficult-Situations_smallUse our strategy for developing a customer relationship based on principles of win:win.

How to be Assertive with Your Boss

Be AssertiveGet the keys to create a more productive and trustful relationship with your boss so that everyone wins. 

How to Get Respect from Your Colleagues

Getting RespectDiscover the specific behaviours and verbal tools to build your confidence in managing relationships.

Become More Confident & Influential In Meetings

Meetings_smallGet access to our useful strategy to get your views and ideas heard in a meeting environment.

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What others thought…

‘It’d be good for family situations I think, giving clear guidance as to how to change your own behaviours and not just highlighting the issues’

‘Ultimately assertiveness is a beautiful and rare skill that I shall continue to pursue all my life. I know that as with the most powerful of skills it should be used sensitively, correctly, wisely and with the aim, at all times – a little bit like porridge that can be too hot or too cold – of getting it just right. Many thanks’.

‘Each video begins with a real life scenario and provides ideas about what might be happening in another person’s mind, ways in which you respond and then options for how you might think about things differently and actions to take to develop that change in thinking. There are plenty of ideas on how to handle certain conversations or exchanges and guidance on planning your own action plan’.

‘My biggest problem has been that I used to give in, even at the expense of being inconvenienced or even experiencing pain. My assertiveness was always affected by not wanting to hurt another person, and not considering what is fair to me and the other person. These videos have taught me to say no in a way that sends a message that, it is not possible to do what I am asked to do, but without violating the person’s rights’.

‘Some of the videos are invaluable; like the win-win scenario. This is where both parties don’t feel like they’re losing out. There is also a great part on communicating assertively, so you can make your point heard rather than looking like a mad man or woman.’

‘The videos are in nice manageable `chunks’ that are easy to digest, they flow well with each one complementing the last, while at the same time building up your understanding.’